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FX SFX Special Effect

in honor of dspitzle

Everyone knows that when I think of dspitzle, I think of British boarding-school children of the mid-1950s. Which made Supersonic Saucer the logical movie choice.

A couple of girls have to stay at their boarding school over the holiday, since Greta's parents are in Norway, and Sumac's "on the other side of the world." Rodney (headmaster's son) has to oversee these girls (as well as his much younger brother Adolphus).

Luckily for the kids, a Venusian shows up. He's telepathic, and he doesn't have a flying saucer ... he becomes one. Despite being telepathic, he doesn't recognize that when the kids wish for a million pounds, he shouldn't go steal it for them. The kids make him return the money (What did you expect? They're British! They even turn down the sweets that he steals for them.), but a gangster sees Meba (so named by the kids because he looks like an amoeba), and kidnaps him.

The kids stage a stirring rescue, and the reward money from capturing the gang of thieves is enough to buy plane tickets for Greta & Sumac, a new book for Rodney, and a toy rocket for Adolphus. Meba flies back to Venus.

It's reminiscent of a different cute-alien movie, especially when one of the girls takes Meba for a ride in the basket of her bike.

And I must add that "Number One," the head gangster, makes the most Homer-Simpson-like "d'oh!" noise when the kids knock him down.


Remember that song "Supersonic" from the 80s? Performed by JJ Fad, a poor man's Salt'n'Pepa. That's all I can think of now.