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Wirefu Ninja

Hercules 1, Mongols 0

There are a lot of really fun, amazing, fantastical (not to say phantasmagoric) films about Hercules. Hercules Against the Mongols is not remotely one of these. It takes place in the early 1200s, which feels a little like Hercules' time has passed, although it's the perfect time for Genghis Khan's kids to fight Hercules.

Old Genghis has just died, and his kids concoct an excuse to attack "the white man" (a neighboring Christian kingdom). Refugees from that kingdom pass Hercules, and convince him to aid in their cause. Hercules fights Genghis' three sons, and defeats them all. In return for his slavery, they free the Queen of the Kingdom they have conquered. Apparently it's a deal they offer all their Christian captives. I'm not sure at what point Hercules became a Christian. In the end, they betray their agreement with Hercules, and he escapes, joining forces with the Crusaders that have arrived in order to reclaim Nonspecific Rich Christian Kingdom Near Mongolia.