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too many margarita film

Gizelnort, Have You Accepted The Lord Jesus into Your Heart?

Because we did! And now we are drinking Amaretto Sours because of it! For your birthday, we looked for a good history movie and then we decided that a time travel movie would have history and thus, Time Changer was watched. Sadly, this was not a movie about setting our clock back, which would have been a lot more fun.

Happy Birthday gizelnort, review to follow when we are less plastered.


Jesus in Film.

Although History of the World Part I does a reasonable facsimile of Jesus during the last supper, if you're looking to truly believe in Jesus in film....try Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter.

Anybody who can bless an entire ocean, in order to destroy Vampires who kill lesbians to get skin grafts from them so they can exist in sunlight, then sends for Santo the mexican wrestler when things get even tougher? You gotta believe in that!

Re: Jesus in Film.

I do believe in the Jesus of Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter. And Mary Magnum, of course....