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anonymous maq

Absolute Birthday

So, happy birthday sparklingduo! Knowing what a big fan of cold weather you are, we decided there was no better way to celebrate than by watching a movie about the coming Ice Age.

Did you know that the ice age will be caused by a shift in the magnetic poles? And that it will freeze everything from the equator to the 33rd parallel? And that afterward the poles will be the new tropics and we'll have a ring of ice around the Earth's midsection? And that when all molecular motion stops, light refracts differently, causing a shroud of darkness to fall?

So yes. "Absolute Zero" is not just the title of the movie, it's also a description of just how much accurate science it contains.

Fortunately for us, bad science is good fun. As is bad acting. And pointless character deaths, lousy premises and dreadful special effects. And this movie has all of those in vast quantities. The toughest thing is going to be narrowing down our choices.