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The 18th Annual Smithee Awards Tour: Full Groan

Good Morning Smithee Campers, I have a bit of scheduling news for y'all. Now's about the time when we should get the Smithee dates up (as much as we have them) so y'all can plan your Smithee viewing experience. This year, Smithee 18 will be showing at the following locations in order of appearance:

March 27-29 (Smithee date and time TBD)
Smith College
Northampton, Massachusetts
Con Pass prices last year were: $8/$10/$8 or $25 for the entire weekend.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
April 25
7pm, 1800 Chem Building
Absolutely free!

May 1-3 (Smithee date and time TBD)
Romulus, Michigan
Registration Fees: $45 preregistration, $50 at the door (for the whole weekend).

Origins Game Fair
June 25-29,
Smithee date: FRIDAY June 26th, 7pm (room TBD)
Columbus, Ohio
Con Badges: $35 for a day pass, $70 for the full shebang if not preregistering.

Astute Smitheeites will have noticed two irregularities from our normal show schedule. First, in May you have a second chance to see the Smithees really, really close to their birthplace as we attend our first ever Penguicon. Oh we are squee about that!

Second: The origins show has been moved back a day to Friday. This will, we are told, make it a lot easier to nab the grand ballroom of infinite seating since it won't be scheduled for the Origins Awards. Oh we are squee about this too.

Stay tuned for more exact info as it trickles in! Lastly, keep in mind if you are planning to attend the Smithee Awards at one of the cons: Check the con schedules for last minute room arrangery and/or and space time fluctuations.

-Your 18th Annual Smithee Crew


What's April without Giant Pixie Stix and bad movie clips? We do the best we can.

Incidentally, Iron Chef Smithee has rustled up some pretty...interesting snack options this year but that's a post of a different flavor.


Edited at 2009-02-27 03:05 pm (UTC)
Yet again, the Smithees fall on the day of my class field trip. I'll be one tired geology professor/Smithees viewer.
We try to make the Smithees antithetical to "class" of all kinds.

Also, omg PENGUICON?!?! That's freaking awesome!


Penguicon, huh? Cool! Congratulations on spreading the disease fun.

Also, for ConBust, pre-registration for the entire weekend this year costs $20, though the deadline for pre-registering is March 1. That's the same price as last year, which makes me think the door prices might be the same as well.

-Sean K.
Oh, crap! We had plans to go to an out-of-town pub crawl that day...we'll have to work something out b/c we can't miss the Smithees! It's the first sign of spring!


Glad to see the Ann Arbor show is moving back to it's old diggs....
Mebbe I'm a traditionalist, but I always like the Smithees on Saturday. It was a good way to wind up the last day of the Con. Ya know when the Smithees are over, there's no reason to stay kind of thing.

Mind you, I also think the Awards should move their pissant ceremonies to make way for the Smithees, as the Smithees get better attendance and people have a better time there.

How much is it to just attend the Smithees and not the con itself? It's the main reason I spend all the money to go to Origins anyways... ;)
Welllll...technically the Origins Smithee Show is just as free as any other show we put on but in all good conscious we can't advocate sneaking on the premise just to watch the Smithees.

That said, we realized just last year that we were supposed to have been watching for badges when we meet and greet y'all and give out the official ballot kits. Ahhhh, oops. You can see that we are indeed quite the observant lot then. However, we trust that all y'all are playing it upright and that everyone has badges. Somewhere.

It'll be cool to have the big room. I wonder how long until we fill it. As for moving, it's a lot easier on the Smithee Crew to have the show on Friday since we get to actually attend more of the con (I hope) instead of worrying around for three days and being dead on Sunday. The show takes a LOT of effort to roll out to y'all.