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Apr. 26th, 2013

quixotic & grimly whimsical

Keeping in the Spirit...

We are not short handed for tonight's Smithee 22 show at Penguicon...we're launching the Open Source Ballot Collecting Initiative! Come be a part of history and revel in Penguicon's unique view of life, liberty and the pursuit of B Movies!

Smithee 22 @ Penguicon
Friday (that's TODAY!), April 26th
8pm in Salon B

-Your friendly Neighborhood Promotion Ninja

Apr. 25th, 2013


Just Another Reminder

Because y'all haven't heard the NEWS!

Smithee 22 @ Penguicon
Friday (that's tomorrow folks!)
8pm until 1ish
Salon B

I have giveaways. Muahahahahaha!


Apr. 24th, 2013

Furious Ballot Counting

Penguicon HO!

Is it Wednesday already? Holy wah! We're doing a show in (MathsMathsMaths) 58 hours and 16 minutes. I still have buttons to press!

A little heads up to you P-Con Peeps; we're running short handed this year so put your voting brains on before watching the show so the voting goes smoothly and quickly. To your profound sadness, the nice ballot bimbo is not joining us this year so you are stuck with me. Also, our usual ballot counter is AWL (absent with leave) so you've got me again as well. Fortunately, The Guru will be presenting so, to paraphrase the Chinese, we won't be living in interesting times. Just...busy times.

Vote Quickly and Orderly at
this Friday (4/26)
any time between 8 and 1ish
Salon B!

-Your Sometimes Not Excessively Friendly Promotions/Ballot/Counting Ninja

Apr. 23rd, 2013


Buttons and Ribbons...Can you Believe it?

This is a true thing, if you want either buttons or ribbons emblazoned with Smithee awesome, you'll have to come to Penguicon this Friday and catch me in the halls trying to lure unsuspecting con goers to their first Smithee Awards. That will git you a button for sure. If you want a ribbon, come to the show at 8PM (Salon B) and pick up a ballot kit. If you are nice to me, I might also give you a button.


Apr. 22nd, 2013

Shark Puppy, SLM

Shark Puppies Love Penguicon!

Contrary to popular opinion, Shark Puppies and Tux Penguins are not mortal enemies. In fact, both are really fond of Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream, playing Dominion and open source programming. I bet you had no idea shark puppies could use computers much less program in C.

The other thing Shark Puppies love more than even bacon treats are bad movies so we thought we'd show up at Penguicon and put on a show.

Penguicon Smithees
Friday, April 26th
8pm to 1AM-ish. Give or take
Salon B

Drop by, stay for a few clips between learning about Javascript Application Architecture and studying zombies. Or stay for the whole show; after all there is Saturday and Sunday for geeking out over Historical costuming or Introduction to Lightsaber combat.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Penguicon Bound Ninja

Apr. 19th, 2013

Surprise Face!


Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to post on these promotional spam blurbs, sometimes I look through our icons and an idea related to a specific one pops into my head. Other times, much like today, I pull out the Random Number Generator and run with how the dice fall. Imagine my surprise (FACE!) when 105 (random number) of 109 (number of Smithee icons) generated this. Well OK then, Surprise Face it is.

Guess what's happening in one week?

Guess what time it will start?
8 PM (FACE!)

Guess when the show run to?
Ummm...midnight-thirty? 1 AM? somewhere in there. (...Face? SURPRISE!)

Guess which room we will be in?
Salon B! (fnord)

Did you get all the questions right? 50 Smithee points for you!
-Your friendly neighborhood perpetually lazy promotions ninja

Apr. 18th, 2013


Bring out the Tux!

The Penguicon Mascot, that is. Oh yes, it is that time of year when I get to use one of our cutest icons: The Penguicon Smithees icon. We have our last of the 'Every Other Week Smithees Show' coming up right fast and guess what? PENGUICON HAS ITS SCHEDULE OUT!

So! Come see us at

8pm - 1am
Salon B

Stinkin' Badges!
We will have Smithee badge ribbons so you badge ribbon loving people be sure to stop in for at least a clip or two to claim your badge ribbon. (Not the Mega-Meta obviously since we just had one of those. I just don't have an individual ribbon pic).

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Tux Lovin' Ninja

Apr. 12th, 2013

Smithee Saracen

Smithee Saracen Trashcan Icon Says:

Friends, Romans, Countrymen - lend me your ears!
Because I have none. It is true. I will be unable to listen to the Smithee Awards show tomorrow unless someone is willing to rip off an ear or two (or five, do not let me besmirch your generosity). Come now, 'tis but a small sacrifice for such a noble cause.


Alas. I will have to just watch the clips and imagine the sound that comes from them

(930 N. University)

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Saracen

Apr. 11th, 2013


Snacks! And a Show.

This past weekend I went Smithee Snacks Table Shopping with our very own Iron Chef Smithee badmovie. We found some interesting things to drink (Peanut Butter and Jelly soda? Bag it!) and interesting things to eat (Hot dog flavored potato chips which are also vegetarian friendly? Bag it!) along with the standard Smithee fair. You know...some Circus peanuts, a couple of Utz, squeezey cheese, that sort of thing. All we need now is people to eat all this food. So!

And also you can vote for really bad movie clips. Because...Smithees!

Saturday, April 13th
7pm to Midnightish
1800 Chem building
(930 North University, Ann Arbor)

We care about your poor nutrition needs!


Apr. 10th, 2013


The Scientists Have Decided

That these two will travel to the Smithee Awards show in Ann Arbor this Saturday for Mad Giveaway Science. All you have to do to win one is show up at 7pm in 1800 Chem Building and be present when the drawing happens (intermission and at the end of the show). You might also have to actually enter the drawing and be picked but those are the small details.


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